With the perfect three finger grip!

The idea behind the PS Pencil was
to find the natural three finger grip
and make the best possible for
children as well as the
handicapped. The pure and
frank design has made the
PS Pencil a popular
sketch tool among
art directors and
artists and in 1987
it received the
"Design Award
for Swedish Form".
Many companies
have found it an
appreciated give
away or promotion
gift. The PS Pencil is
made of maplewood and
equipped with a 5,6 mm
crayon or graphite lead.
Length 140 mm.

The PS BALL point pen. It has virtually the same design as the PS PENCIL.
It is a little shorter hence it fits better in to your pocket. The PS BALL contains a Parker-type refill which is readily available worldwide. The ergonomic design of the PS BALL makes it popular in the home and in the office. Handicapped persons also find it easy to use. Many advertising agencies buy the PS BALL for promotional purposes because it has a large surface area on which to print. All parts of the PS BALL are recyclable. Made of maplewood, brass and nylon. Weight 38 grams. The PS BALL is built to last. PS BALL can be recycled. Length 130 mm.

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